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Message from the Dean

Pharmaceutical sciences, in general, investigate the interaction between foreign or endogenous chemical substances, representative as medicines, and organisms, and apply the knowledge obtained to our health promotion.

In recent years, expectations for sophisticated and advanced drug development are growing as never before for overcoming the high mortality rate by incurable diseases such as cancer, the stretching longevity due to improvement of lifestyle-related diseases and brain diseases, the treatment of infectious diseases expanded by the global environment change. In order to meet the demands of such an age, advanced research and education of "drug discovery" to develop new drugs is one of the major objectives of our faculty. In addition, it is another aim of our faculty to educate and research a high quality of pharmacist to contribute in the medical field by using properly drugs in conjunction with doctors and nurses.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Chiba University offers two courses, a six-year program at the Department of Pharmacy and a four-year program at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, each with a capacity of 40 undergraduate students.Department of Pharmacy of 6-year program takes courses with a focus on practical pharmacy, shared test, a working practice in hospitals and pharmacies. It aims to train advanced pharmacists with a research mind that may serve. Qualification as candidates for pharmacist national examination will be obtained during this course. On the other hand, in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the 4-year, mastery of fundamental and applied skills for working as researchers and educators of the drug discovery and related fields, is expected in order to cultivate the research ability. Learning curriculum on specialized subjects related to drug discovery and life sciences is organized. Most of the graduates after this Department of graduation go on to the master's course of the graduate school.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Chiba University is one of the oldest schools of pharmacy education in our country - its history dates back to 1890. Over the long time of 126 years since the founding, our facultyhas contributed greatly to the development of pharmacy in our country.We have been internationally promoting the education and research of a very high level over the history. A number of alumni of our faculty have been active as leaders in the wide-rage of pharmacy-related field. I would like encourage young students to join our school and study together with us with a fascination of pharmaceutical sciences.

[Dr. Kazuki Saito, Research Director and Dean]