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Message from the Dean

The pharmaceutical sciences are a division of the natural sciences that seek to comprehensively study life and health through drugs. Pharmaceutical research is anticipated to produce achievements in knowledge and technology that can greatly benefit the health and welfare of all humanity. Under Chiba University's maxim, “Always Aim Higher”, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences strives to foster drug experts with superior research skills who can serve as leaders on the global stage.

To accomplish this goal, we offer a six-year program at the Department of Pharmacy that qualifies students as candidates for a national examination for pharmacists and a four-year program at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences that prepares students for research positions. With their research abilities and pharmacist’s qualification, graduates from the Department of Pharmacy program can assume a leadership role as practicing pharmacists or as pharmaceutical professionals in education, research, governance, drug development, and other fields. The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences program trains students to become drug discovery specialists and life scientists who can actively serve on the front lines of the global stage at corporations, public research institutions, and universities. A key principle for both programs is fostering professionals with “strong research abilities.”

It goes without saying that pharmaceutical research has made great contributions toward the advancement of humanity. The discovery of effective drugs and the development of treatments and diagnostic methods, which have led to the conquest of many diseases, would not be possible without the steadfast efforts of pharmaceutical researchers. However, many pressing medical and environmental issues, including high mortality conditions such as cancer and heart and brain disorders, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, and pollution, remain unresolved. Consequently, society is expecting and demanding further progress in pharmaceutical research.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Chiba University has cultivated a long history and tradition since its foundation 128 years ago, and to this day, continues to be one of the preeminent schools of pharmacy in Japan. In the course of our long history, both the undergraduate and graduate programs have played major roles in advancing pharmaceutical sciences in Japan and have engaged in extremely high-level education and research, even compared with international standards. Many graduates of both programs have gone on to become leaders in corporations, health care establishments, universities, and government agencies, both in Japan and overseas.

We would like to see the young people studying at our Inohana campus eventually spread their wings to become highly ambitious human resources with research abilities, such as pharmacists with exceptional qualities who will spearhead efforts to tackle problems in health care, investigators who will engage in the research and development of pharmaceuticals on the global stage, and researchers, educators, and government administrators who will explore the relationship between humans and chemical substances. In these capacities, we hope our students will spur the unfolding of new chapters in the history of our esteemed Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

[Dr. Masami Ishibashi, Research Director and Dean]